Ventilation systems

Single room heat recovery ventilation system

Ambientika, the single room heat recovery ventilation is a product unique of its kind, since it combines cutting-edge technologies with an extraordinary simplicity of assembly. It can easily be installed even by users unexperienced in handling ventilation systems. The single room heat recovery ventilation is one of the best of its type available in the market, as it is the most complete and equipped with accessories designed to last long. It is ideal for renovations, due to its certified quality.

Due to constantly improved building shells, the humidity generated in the living room (about 3 liters / person / day) will cause damage! Our single room heat recovery ventilation devices are designed in such a way that the user has no effort during operation. If you want, you can adjust it automatically to get the best air exchange.

A decentralised single room heat recovery ventilation system with pollen filter can provide considerable relief for allergy sufferers in the pollen season. People who suffer from hay fever should use the fine dust filter and keep the windows closed.

Certified quality

Ambientika eco

The single-room solution is a compact model for decentralized residential ventilation with heat recovery, particularly suitable for single rooms. It can operate at two speeds, which can be set using a switch on the device. Alternatively, the contacts can be connected to a wall switch. With a noise level of around 30 decibels, it is a quiet device with two filters: one for supply air and one for exhaust air. Both can be replaced and cleaned separately from each other in just a few simple steps. Automatic mode provides all-round, worry-free fresh air supply.

Ambientika solo+

This is a further development of Ambientika eco. It therefore has all the properties of the previous model, but here the engine was installed behind the heat exchanger. As a result, the Ambientika solo+ is even quieter than the eco version: at a lower speed level the noise level is only 20 decibels. This is comparable to background noise in a radio studio.

Ambientika advanced+

Our bestseller can be connected to 15 other devices via cable. Each of our models is designed for air exchange in rooms of approximately 30 m². Therefore, large rooms must be equipped with several devices. In addition to connectivity, Ambientika advanced+ also has a humidity and twilight sensor to optimize air exchange. The model can be controlled using the included remote control. Several programs and settings are available. Due to the properties of the material, Ambientika advanced+ is also suitable for bathrooms.

Ambientika wireless+

Wireless. Offers the same features as Ambientika advanced+, but connects wirelessly to other devices. This makes the device visually more attractive. The radio frequency used is 868 MHz, which is stable and reliable and of course completely harmless.

Ambientika advanced+ for the bathroom

Our fan, specially designed for bathrooms, is equipped with a timer button. When you press it, the device takes only room air for 20 minutes and sends it outside. Only after this does fresh air from outside enter the bathroom again. This procedure is especially useful after a shower to quickly reduce humidity.

Ambientika, the single room heat recovery ventilation can be connected via cable or in a WIRELESS way, to generate an air flow in your home, by supporting up to 16 units.

Included remote controller. It is also possible to connect the product to the home automation network (Building automation). Optional: remote controller, remote panel or wall switch.

Humidistat, anti-mildew, and CO2 sensor (optional)

The single room heat recovery ventilation device remains off but active – at the excess of the humidity or CO2 values, it gets activated.

Motorized shutter that gets closed when the device is off (against cold and noise from the outside); by using the wax technology, without rotary movements, it ensures its nearly limitless duration.

In the AUTOMATIC mode, the single room heat recovery ventilation device regulates itself independently, for the ideal comfort and ease of use.

Fast cleansing and maintenance, thanks to the ease of disassembly of the inner covering + LED for the filter cleansing alarm.

The installation of the single room heat recovery ventilation system is very simple. Electronic parts are installed in the device interior. Average time for assembly about 1 hour

Thermal efficiency up to 93% of heat recovery, thanks to the high tech mixture : thermic isolated ceramic heat exchanger

Twilight sensor – on necessity, the device sets itself to the minimum speed when it gets dark.

Drastic reduction of electricity consumption, allowable by the electronically commutated motor (brushless, approximately 6.9W). The automatic and sorveillance modes make an important contribution into the energy saving.

Possibility of installing the F5 filter against the allergies to pollens.

Thanks to the new brushless ventilation technology, we can lower the noise up to 20 db.

In the summer, the ventilation acts as a “passive cooling”, the heat stays outside. In the cooler evening hours and overnight, the rooms can be comfortably tempered with the ventilation function without heat recovery

Meets the guidelines for KfW funding, alternatively, the tax bonus is a possibility.

The importance of a healthy environment

Within our own four walls, we want to live and work comfortably. The quality and regular exchange of the air that surrounds us are therefore critical for our wellbeing.
The decentralised single room heat recovery ventilation system is a flexible and simple solution to achieve the perfect environment in every room.

Polluting agents

Our homes are inevitably saturated with polluting agents.

The pollutants are suspended in the air of home environments, causing annoyances to the respiratory system. These substances derive from the materials that make up home furnishings such as paint and solvents used in building, from the smog and CO2 emmissions, from the smoke. The mildew formation and proliferation of mites and bacteria are favored by humid and poorly ventilated environments.

Energy & Climatehouse

Does the air exchange in home and commercial environments undermine the performance of the Climate House system?

Not with Ambientika. The presence of a tough ceramic exchanger allows for minimizing heat loss during the crossing of air flows. The temperature, both high and low, is kept as unaltered as possible, with an energy yield of 93%.
In addition, this means an increase in the value of your property through the upgrading of the house technology and the optimization of the energy supply.

Certified for the whole of Europe and tax deductible, meets the guidelines for KfW funding, alternatively, the tax bonus is a possibility.

Noice reduction

A healthy environment is also a soundproof environment.

Ambientika the single room heat recovery ventilation is designed to automatically isolate the external and internal environments, by means of a series of motorized wings. When the device is not in operation, the wings get closed, to then hatch during the crossing of the air flows. The silent operation features the quality of the product, making it unique and inimitable.


The decentralised single room heat recovery ventilation system Ambientika is visually appealing thanks to a white panel that conceals the internal parts of the device. The discreet and elegant ventilation system blends in perfectly with any living space.

Easy maintenance

Tool-free filter change in the blink of an eye.
The air filter of the decentralised single room heat recovery ventilation should be cleaned every three months and replaced after two years. You can change or clean the filter yourself in no time at all without the need for any separate tools. The heat exchanger is made from ceramic mixed with aluminium oxide. This material absorbs the least water, which is very important in terms of hygiene and bacterial growth.

Unique design

High functionality in a minimalistic design – the decentralised single room heat recovery ventilation Ambientika blends in elegantly and discreetly with the style of any living space. The attractive design of the white ABS panels complements the high-quality materials and perfect workmanship of the unit.

1. Front view

DESIGN panel is located
inside your home

2. Cover

Monocoque in glossy white
ABS with smooth finish,
minimal design.

3. Ventilation unit

Glossy white ABS
with smooth finish,
compact design

4. Duct

White PVC with a
diameter of 160 mm.

5. External grille

Windproof, designed to
isolate the exterior noise

6. Back view (paintable)

Located outside your home.
UV resistant