24-hour blood pressure monitor

BPLab is designed to automatically, non-invasively record a patient's blood pressure and pulse rate over 24 or 48 hours.
High noise immunity and comfort of the blood pressure measurement algorithm using the oscillometric method.
High accuracy of blood pressure measurement, previously achievable only in devices with an auscultatory channel.
Storing records of blood pressure measurement processes (pulse waves) allows the doctor to verify the measurement results.
A modification of the device with ECG recording in 2 leads (MnSDP-3) makes it possible to measure blood pressure during arrhythmias and evaluate the speed of propagation of the pulse wave.
Analysis of monitoring results using a modern system of proper values.
There is a pediatric mode.
This is the first Russian blood pressure monitor developed taking into account international safety standards (according to the IEC 60601-2-30: 1999 standard).
Certified measuring instrument. All devices are verified by the metrological service.
Software for DOS, Windows and Linux allows you to freely use any personal computer – from AT286 to the latest models.
Protection against obsolescence: the monitor’s firmware can be updated during operation.
Possibility of bifunctional 24-hour Holter monitoring of ECG and blood pressure when using the monitor as part of the Holter systems “Astrocard”, “DNA and K”, “Valenta”, “Astel”, “DX-complexes”, “SEM”, etc.
Patient activity and position module.
Functions for analyzing the patient’s position and activity are available.