Telemedicine system for outpatient cardiac rehabilitation

Controlled exercise training is vital for recovery from surgery or cardiovascular disease.

Neurorehabilitation system

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) “Neuro-MS/D” can be used to restore motor functions after a spinal (trauma, myelitis) or hemispheric (stroke, trauma, other focal lesions) process.


System for cardiac rehabilitation under ECG control using biofeedback.

System for rehabilitation of walking function with biofeedback

System for assessing and restoring walking skills, targeted restoration of impaired walking parameters using biofeedback in a motivating gaming environment

Complex for conducting trainings using the biofeedback method

Neuron-Spectrum-1/BOS. Conducting training on various physiological parameters: EEG, respiratory rate, heart rate, EMG, GSR or temperature. The device allows you to create individual biofeedback training scenarios for each patient, using a wide selection of types of feedback.

Device for localizing the injection site of drugs

Neuro-Tox. Used in the treatment of hyperkinesis, including tremor, dystonia, spasticity, focal dystonia, rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, consequences of traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, strokes

Stimulator for transcranial and transvertebral micropolarization

Neurostim. Treatment of a wide range of diseases in psychiatry and neurology. Designed for transcranial (TCMP), transvertebral (TVMP) and peripheral stimulation with low-intensity current – up to 5 mA.

System for the treatment of functional disorders of the pelvic and perineal organs

Doctor Kirgizov’s electrical stimulator. It is successfully used in the rehabilitation of patients after a wide range of reconstructive plastic surgeries on the perineum, abdominal cavity and pelvic organs.

System for the rehabilitation of patients with respiratory muscle weakness syndrome

Transcranial magnetic stimulator “Neuro-MS/D”. Effective rehabilitation of patients with respiratory muscle weakness syndrome

System for restoring equilibrium and balance with biofeedback

Steadys-Balance/BOS. Effective restoration of postural function: assessment of postural function + balance training with biofeedback (BFE)

Restoring coordination of movements and motor activity with biofeedback

Steadys-Kinematics/BOS. Objective analysis and training of coordination and movements in the joints and spine in adults and children

Assessment of the psychological state of adult patients

A set of techniques for assessing the psychological state of an individual. More than 220 methods for a comprehensive assessment of the psychological and psychophysiological state of patients

Assessment of the psychological state of children and adolescents

System for assessing the psychological status of children and adolescents. More than 420 methods for psychological testing of children and adolescents